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Sep 22, 2021  

And even in 2021 through that period, we had over 300 residential homes threatened by wildfires. When you think about it, that was in a fairly short period of time." As the most heavily forested state in the country, Maine saw a record-breaking year for wildfires in 2020 – upwards of 900, when a typical year has around 500. More than 90% of these fires are caused by people, says the Maine Forest Service. Currier said the high number in 2020 is "of grave concern," and the most the state has seen since 1985.  The Pine Tree State has a long history with forest fires, including a brush with one of the top three recorded in North American history. In 1825, the Miramichi fire burned 5 million acres in New Brunswick, Canada and into Maine, leaving 160 people dead and 15,000 homeless. More than a century later, 1947 was "the year Maine burned," when the state experienced more than 90 consecutive days of record-breaking warm temperatures and drought, resulting in its largest forest fire disaster in modern history. Fires throughout southern Maine consumed more than 200,000 acres, damaged or destroyed 13 communities, burned 1,000 homes, and left 16 people dead. For 14 days that October, firefighters tried to fight 200 fires across the state.  The 1947 fires decimated Mount Desert Island, which is home to Acadia National Park.  "Maine's public is very aware of wildfires due to the history we have in the state, but also due to Maine being the most forested state in the nation," said Currier, who manages one of three forest protection regions. "Maine is 'vacationland' and people come here for our natural resources. Our economy is so very reliant on the forest products industry and tourism, both of which could be negatively impacted by the wildfire threat." While the state has seen an increase in wildfires over recent years, the numbers are nothing compared to the damage that used to be done. In 1903, Maine saw more than 260,000 acres burned, compared to 1,043 in 2020, according to the state's forest fire record. That's because fire suppression tactics have evolved and improved over time, with technology now considered critical in fighting fires. In a book written by fire historian Stephen Pyne called " The Northeast: A Fire Survey ," detailing New England's forest fire history and the part it played in establishing modern day fire response, Pyne cites data showing that from 1908 to 1930, neighboring Massachusetts averaged roughly 40,000 acres burned per decade, while Vermont averaged 3,000. By 1990, those numbers had fallen to less than 5,000 and 300, respectively.  Maine's climate is "no doubt" changing, said Currier, going from periods of "extreme dryness" to a "deluge" of precipitation, but his wildfire concerns go well beyond climate.  The Maine Forest Service worries about the decline in volunteer fire departments, which have historically been key partners in fighting forest fires. In Maine particularly, much of the northern part of the state is unorganized townships that rely on state government rather than local entities.  There's also been a changeover in the companies that own much of Maine's timberland, resulting in road systems that have become less accessible for Currier and his teams – something they have to offset using aircrafts and technology.  Also, more people are coming to Maine, and they're likely unfamiliar with the state's fire prevention laws. Illegal campfires and brushfires, as well as fireworks, cause a huge percentage of the state's fires. Currier attributed a portion of last year's uptick to the increase in people visiting Maine's wilderness during COVID-19. The intersection of these factors with climate change presents a complex burden, said Currier.  "I would not anticipate we would ever see a 1947 again, but I do know that it wouldn't take too many fires simultaneously to put us in a position where our resources would be stretched thin," he said.  Vermont sees wildfire uptick over last two years In Vermont , which is about 60% rural, wildfire numbers haven't consistently increased over the last decade, but the last two years have seen a climbing trajectory.  Dillner, who as a fire warden oversees Addison, Chittenden , Franklin and Grand Isle counties, said the state's 10-year average of reported fires annually is 79. In 2020, 96 fires were reported, while 2021 has seen 91 so far. From across the country: Vermont's air quality takes an unhealthy hit from Western wildfires "A lot of our state is hardwoods with heavier soils that hold the moisture more, but we certainly do have areas where traditionally there has been a fair amount of fire activity some years," said Dillner. The northeastern part of Vermont will become a focus in terms of wildfire risk as the climate changes, he said, because the area has more softwood conifers.  This May in the town of Killington, a wildfire burned for several days on private land, ultimately touching 32 acres and flaring up again after initially being contained. It was caused by a debris burn without a permit that got out of control, Dillner said, and published reports have said the landowners were new to the area.  "That had some pretty active fire, burning up into trees," he said. "It seemed a lot more like a western type of a fire." That same month, Vermont firefighters assisted with a massive brush fire on the border in western Massachusetts that scorched nearly 1,000 acres starting in Williamstown.  "People don't think about fire here as much as they do out west," said Dillner. "If we do get into more drought times, it's certainly putting houses and structures at risk. And it's putting firefighters at risk." Both Dillner and Massachusetts's Celino noted the 2016 Gatlinburg wildfires in Tennessee that resulted in 14 fatalities as being of major concern to the Northeast. "Who would have ever thought we'd end up with that kind of catastrophic incident in northern hardwoods?" said Celino. "It burned the same kind of fuel types we have here." Dillner site link called Gatlinburg a "wakeup call."  More than 90% of wildfires in New England are human-caused Residents and visitors across New England have a responsibility to prevent wildfires, experts say, because they're the ones causing them the majority of the time. That means obtaining necessary burn permits and avoiding fire activity altogether when conditions are risky, among other things.  "All you need is the right ingredients that sort of align together," said Celino.

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OSHA inspector at construction site Luxury Home Construction Contractors Cited by OSHA By Guy BurdickMay 18, 2021 Enforcement and Inspection The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited six contractors building luxury single-family homes at a site in Medford, New Jersey, for fall protection and other violations and proposed penalties of nearly $250,000. The agency conducted multiple inspections, including three as part of its   Regional Emphasis Program (REP) on Falls in Construction (Directive no. 2019-1, 10/1/2018). An OSHA compliance safety and health officer first observed workers exposed to falls and other hazards during an October 20, 2020, inspection. Agency inspectors observed the same hazards during a second inspection 2 days later, prompting a third inspection on October 31. Following the three inspections, OSHA proposed penalties totaling $244,397 and cited the companies collectively for 4 willful and 35 serious violations, including exposing workers to falls greater than 6 feet and not providing personal protective equipment (PPE). “Contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry have a legal obligation to comply with the law and ensure their workers end their shifts safely,” Marlton, New Jersey, Area Director Paula Dixon-Roderick said in an agency statement. “When employers fail to follow requirements, OSHA will hold them responsible to the fullest extent of the law. A fall can permanently alter or end a worker’s life in a matter of seconds.” OSHA cited Claudio DeSousa , doing business as Lifetime Contractor Corporation, for two willful, serious violations of: The eye and face protection standard (29 CFR §1926.102) for exposing workers to struck-by hazards when using circular saws and pneumatic nailers without eye and face protection; and Duty of having fall protection (§1926.501) for exposing workers to fall hazards up to and in excess of 13 feet to the ground from the pitched porch roof of residential structures without guardrail, personal fall arrest, or safety net systems. The agency also cited Claudio DeSousa for other serious violations of the fall protection, electrical safety, head protection, and ladder safety standards. The agency cited Lezinho Sousa of Pennsauken, New Jersey—doing business as Lifetime Contractor Corporation—for the same willful, serious violations. OSHA also cited Lezinho Sousa for serious violations of the electrical safety and head protection standards. OSHA cited the other four New Jersey contractors for the following violations: WSJ Construction of Asbury Park for serious violations of the scaffolds and fall protection standards; Gustavo Quintomillno of Beverly for serious violations of the contractor safety program, eye and face protection, fall protection, and fall protection training standards; LWJ Construction LLC of Long Branch for serious violations of the fall protection and ladders standards; and RMM Contractor LLC of Long Branch for violations of the fall protection and ladders standard. OSHA Region II (New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands) initiated an REP for falls in construction in fiscal year (FY) 2019 that expires September 30, 2023. There were 36 work-related fatalities in construction in Region II during FY 2018, of which 20 (55%) were from falls. Falls and struck-by hazards are two of the “focus four” or “fatal four” safety hazards responsible for the majority of fatal occupational injuries in the construction industry.